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Momosphere Morning

Monday, January 22, 2007
Remember how I used to regularly take everyone on guided tours of the momosphere? Thought it was time to revisit that once frequent feature of the blog -- this time with a twist. You'll have to guess which blogs I'm talking about.

The Spice Kids: I've been reading this blog since Nutmeg was still on the inside. Now Nutmeg is about to become a big sister. These are exciting times for those of us addicted to this blog.

From the Beach to the Couch: A lot of you already know Beachmama, because she's a regular poster around here, but I think she could use some extra support these days, what with the morning sickness and her sore back. If you've got an extra 30 seconds in your day, maybe you could drop by her blog to leave her a cheery note or something.

She Can't Be Bought: There are a lot of reasons to love Asha, but I love her because she can't be bought. If she likes something, she'll tell her readers. If she sees some of its flaws, she'll says that, too. You won't find advertorial fluff at ParentHacks, which is why parents have come to trust this site as a source of credible tips and product reviews. Her review for this book, for example, is nicely balanced, pointing out the good points and the not-so-good points. She's also a terrific advocate for dads. Anyone who forgets that Dads are part of the parenting team does so at their own risk when Asha's on the scene.

Making Mondays Better for Moms: I'm sure this is another one of those cases where everyone else on the planet knew about this blog ages before me, but just in case someone didn't know about what Jennifer (the resident blogger) is up to on Mondays, here's the scoop: she's got this feature called "Monday Morning Munchies" where she hops around the blogosphere and the Web, tracking down fun and useful and unexpected tidbits that tie into a particular theme.

Go Fish: Finally, keep your eye on this thread over at Andrea's. Once everyone gets over the shock of it being Monday again and gets caught up with their day, I'm sure there will be much blogging and posting.


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