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"You Do Not Have Mail -- Including the Mail You Had"

Saturday, January 20, 2007
All the e-mail that has arrived in my in-box since mid-August is gone: both the stuff I read and had a chance to act on and the stuff that I was looking forward to reading and acting on -- and the stuff I didn't even know existed (yet). After downloading a huge number of messages yesterday, I decided to take the rather prudent step (I thought) of baking up my email database. The problem is that the Evil Over-Lords of Entourage had other plans in mind for my email universe. The net result is that neither my database nor my backup are functional.

1. If you have emailed me about anything important recently, please re-send it to me at my new email address (yes, I'm starting from scratch with a new email address and new email software): annmdouglas at gmail.com.

2. Consider cc-ing urgent emails to my assistant Florence @ florencekraft at gmail.com. (She's down for the count right now with a sore back -- not email-related, by the way -- but should be back to her usual bouncy self soon.)

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