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February Wish List: What I Really Want

Friday, February 16, 2007
....is for MUBAR to write to Ikeahacker to see if the parents of the world can get some warehouse hacks. As MUBAR points out and as every parent on the planet can attest, the family-friendly shopping experience falls apart the moment you find yourself trying to move impossibly heavy boxes from the warehouse shelves to your IKEA dolly without trying to squish or otherwise maim the kids who were, moments earlier, having the time of their lives in the much-lauded IKEA ballroom.

....is for Andrea to land a column in the mainstream media, so that she can shake things up a little; challenge people's comfortable assumptions; make change.

....is for there to be a greater appreciation of excellent quality content -- and the time and effort it takes to produce that content. Right now, there are a huge number of pregnancy and parenting and family websites and blogs and social networking communities competing for the same slice of market share -- and the advertising dollars don't necessarily get divied up on the basis of quality. I have no whether financial factors played into Kiddley's decision to go on hiatus -- Claire and Phil note that they wanted to spend more time with their kids -- but I think it's worth making this point nonetheless. It's easy to forget that the labours of real people are at work on the sites and blogs that we surf in and out of so quickly -- real people who need to make a living, find time for their families, and enjoy something resembling a life offline.

A list in progress. To be continued.


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