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Thank You, Anonymous

Thursday, February 15, 2007

I received two cards in the mail from Canadian Centre for Addiction and Mental Health Foundation today, acknowledging the two most recent gifts that have been made in my name since I listed the Foundation on my charitable giving wish list. One of the gifts was from Anonymous. Since I have no other way of thanking Anonymous, I thought I'd do so via the blog.

Anonymous -- Thank You!
I really appreciate your support of the Canadian Centre for Addiction and Mental Health Foundation.
They do such amazing research into issues that affect so many of us and so many of our family members and friends. And given how devastating an impact mental health problems can have on the life of the individual affected -- and how deep a shadow they can cast over the family members of that person: those being cared for or caring for the person with a mental illness -- it is so important that research continues into the causes and treatments of mental illness.
As someone who struggles with depression -- who is currently paying very close attention to those tell-tale physical symptoms of depression trying to settle in: that horrible sinking feeling and that I-can't-quite-focus feeling combined with that I-feel-queasy feeling -- it feels so good to know that someone cared enough about who I am or what I do and what I stand for or something else about me to want to support something that really matters to me.
Thank you.
- Ann

Some highlights of the CAMH's recent work:
Hear me, Understand me, Support me: What Young Women Want You to Know About Depression: An innovative document that gives voice to young women strugging with depression. (As the mother of a daughter who has walked this path, I see this as a very important document.)
CAMH Study Sheds Light on Motherhood, Marriage and Mental Illness (Jan. 16, 2007): Divorced or separated women with children are at greater risk for psychiatric and substance use disorders
Research Highlight: Binge Drinking and Depression

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