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British Journalist Describes "Toxic Wife Syndrome"

Wednesday, March 07, 2007
"Unless you marry an equal who is going to pay her own way, you will end up with a lazy, indulgent, over-pampered slug," warns British journalist Tara Winter Wilson, who is on a mission to inform men about the perils of "Toxic Wife Syndrome".

Her views remind me of some advice I uncovered in a 1931 issue of Chatelaine while researching my book Canuck Chicks and Maple Leaf Mamas:

"Some women feel that by merely saying 'I will' they have earned free board and lodging for the rest of their natural lives," wrote E.G. in the pages of Chatelaine. "They fasten like barnacles on a wage-earning man and take everything he has without giving anything in exchange."

Amazing how some stereotypes never go out of fashion.

Don't fall for this deadly honey trap


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