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Rx for fun: Spontaneity

Friday, March 16, 2007
I managed to get away for two days last week with a writer friend from Montreal. I'm talking about a girlfriends' getaway with no kids. I haven't managed to pull that off since my 40th birthday (unless, of course, you count Sisterfest -- the annual getaway that my sisters and I plan each year*). Anyway, my friend Kathe and I headed to Kingston for a few days of shopping (we found our coolest treasures in nearby Westport); wining and dining; and almost non-stop coffee and conversation.

We were able to find a very comfortable and reasonably priced ($120/night) bed and breakfast place in Kingston called The Painted Lady Inn.

The secret to making this getaway work was the fact that we didn't plan it. It was a spur-of-the-moment thing. I've discovered over the years that planning never works, given all the crazy variables in my life.

My new Rx for fun: spontaneity.

* We're still trying to schedule 2006's getaway because the other sisters have been insanely busy at work and/or giving birth. I think this means we have to have a double-length Sisterfest in 2007. Or two Sisterfests.

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