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A Toy Story

Thursday, March 01, 2007
No one expects companies to be perfect, but parents do expect them to respond quickly, act ethically, and err on the side of caution when a problem is discovered -- particularly when the health and safety of babies and toddlers is concerned.

While I don't have enough spare money in my legal fun-money fund to comment specifically on this case (which I found about via this article), the powers that be at big companies would do well to remember that it takes a long time to gain parents' trust and even longer to rebuild that trust once it has been damaged, particularly if there have been other problems in the past.

And if appeals to decency and ethics don't strike a chord with the CEO crowd, they might do well to remember that a damaged brand is a devalued brand.

Money talks.

Fisher-Price Fined $975,000 for Failing to Report a Serious Choking, Aspiration Hazard with a Popular Children’s Toy
CPSC Fines Cosco/Safety 1st $1.75 Million for Failing to Report Product Defects: Largest fine against children's product manufacturer in CPSC's history
CPSC Fines Fisher-Price $1.1 Million for Not Reporting Defective Power Wheels: Largest fine against a toy firm in CPSC's history
Indiana Company [Peg Perego USA Inc] To Pay $150,000 Fine For Failure To Report Ride-On Toy Defects

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