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Late-Breaking News from the BabyTime.ca Baby Show Trenches!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007
My friend Tracey Ruiz is going to be speaking on "Tips from the Trenches: Birth and Postpartum" on Sunday at 2 pm. I will forgive you if you go to Tracey's workshop instead of mine (I speak on Sunday at 2:30 pm, as well as at a few other times during the show) because Tracey is a wonderful person, a talented doula, my partner in sleep crime, etc. But you can go to Tracey's seminar and my seminar if you map out your weekend with the same careful precision you may have used to take on the garage-sale or thrift store circuit.

(Tracey: I looked for you on the schedule earlier in the week and either you weren't there or I couldn't find you. Am I losing my mind or did your seminar just get added to the roster?)

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