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Lighthearted, Startling Statistics: Beauty Can Co-Exist Among the Dirty Dishes and Piles of Laundry

Thursday, April 19, 2007

I'm always fascinated by the creative approaches that are used to market to mothers. Some are incredibly smart and used to do really good things for moms and families -- and some are horrible and cheesy and used to undercut mothers' self-esteem in order to flog more stuff -- something that keeps the economy churning, but also makes my stomach churn. This campaign falls somewhere on that continuum. I'll let you decide where.

Suave and Sprint have partnered with MindShare Entertainment to develop in the motherhood.com -- which is being billed as "the first ever mom-focused web series."

in the motherhood.com stars Leah Remini of The King of Queens fame and is being featured on MSN from April 17 through June. The web series also boasts "an integration partnership" with The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

To come up with scripts for the "hectic yet always humorous lives of three mom girlfriends," the shows' producers are turning to real moms. (As is the trend these days, the show is being billed as "By Moms, For Moms, About Moms.")

Moms are encouraged to go to in the motherhood.com to sound off about "universal experiences all moms share such as 'your child's worst public meltdown,' 'how to put the me back in mommy' or 'your funniest mother-in-law child-rearing advice' so that these universal experiences can be developed into future webisodes for the show." (This got me thinking about other universal experiences all moms share, like being patronized and misunderstood by advertisers -- and the entertainment industry. Are the producers at in the motherhood.com really prepared for how real those real mom posts could get?)

Anyway, back to how this whole thing is going to work. Once real moms -- the show's "real behind-the-scenes stars" -- have submitted their ideas, the online mom community will choose the best entries. These will then be developed into a series of webisodes by Hollywood screenwriters. At that point, according to the press release, moms will be able to enjoy games, blogging, and "peer-to-peer" conversation at in the motherhood.com. The webisodes will also be available for viewing at suave.com, on Sprint TV, and via Sprint's Power Vision phones. (Sprint bills itself as the company with the phone that "allows mothers to capture and share those unforgettable moments with family and friends without being tethered to a computer or lugging around a camera" -- but apparently it want to encourage moms to tune into webisodes of in the motherhood.com while they're untethered.)

But wait! There's more!

This is my favourite part of the press release. I'm going to keep it for my mom culture hall of fame.

"Both Suave and Sprint have robust marketing efforts focused on moms. Specifically, Suave has a range of beauty products from hair care to skin care to deodorants that help mom put beauty back on her to-do list. Suave offers moms high quality beauty products at a great price, providing her with guilt free beauty solutions. The Suave ad campaign targets her with lighthearted, startling statistics aimed at showing her that beauty can co-exist among the dirty dishes and piles of laundry. Beyond its advertising, Suave has an exclusive partnership with the Hot Moms Club, an online community of empowered, confident mothers who are committed to redefining motherhood. Additionally, to further understand their mom target, the brand has developed a study of 3,000 moms nationwide, which will offer an in-depth look at the roles moms face today -- not only their roles as mothers but also their roles as women."

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