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Libby Copeland on Putting the I in Advertising

Wednesday, May 09, 2007
Did you happen to catch Libby Copeland's fascinating article ("Putting the I in Advertising") in Monday's Washington Post?

In her article, Copeland talks about how we're increasingly doing the work of online marketers, spreading the word about brands that we love in ways that would have been unimaginable until (i) the advent of the Internet and (ii) until consumers became a lot more casual about the once-sacred distinctions between advertising and editorial. And it wasn't that long ago that pitching a concept like "consumer-generated advertising" -- advertisements created by consumers for consumers -- would have been enough to earn some hotshot ad agency junior an express trip to HR (as in "see ya later alligator").

"Get the audience involved, the thinking goes, and they'll develop a better connection to the product, as well as tap into what appeals to their own demographic better than the professionals," writes Copeland. "Oh, and they'll save the advertisers serious production money.

"But even when ordinary people are not attempting to fashion TV spots, they are participating in advertising more than ever, courtesy of the Internet. There are whole branded worlds to be explored, some with obvious product placements, and others whose primary purpose is to entertain -- with only the faintest connections to the business of selling."

If you brand it they will come, in other words.


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