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Momnesia: The Laptop Edition

Tuesday, May 08, 2007
This morning I thought I had my act totally together. I had four tote bags full of stuff to take to the office. My youngest had a laundry basket full of stuff to take to school -- including some fabric remnants we picked up during our recent treasure hunt at Value Village. I arrived at the office, put everything away, and sat down to do some work. Then it hit me. I'd left my laptop at home.

Now those of you who know me well know that the laptop goes everywhere with me -- to restaurants, to tradeshows, to booksignings, even out on dates with my husband when there's no safe place to stash the laptop. So forgetting the laptop represents a major psychic lapse. Call it momnesia, if you will: the result of a brain filled to overflowing with things that have to be remembered and acted upon all at once, resulting in one important detail ("Remember laptop") being misfiled.

I kind of feel like I've had one of those nightmares about leaving your child in the grocery store come true (but at least the laptop was safely nestled away at home, on my desk). And while the laptop protection authorities won't be paying me a visit quite yet, I sense it will take my laptop a while to regain its sense of trust in me after this morning's trauma. It's sitting on my lap right now -- the first step in re-establishing that important writer-laptop bond.

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