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My New Parenting Blog at Yahoo! Canada Lifestyle

Friday, May 25, 2007

Confession time. I've been up to something -- something exciting that I've had to keep hush-hush for about six weeks (an eternity when you're eager to spill the beans). The official launch won't happen until sometime next week, but now that my brand new parenting blog at Yahoo! Canada Lifestyle is live, I can tell you guys about it.

I see the new blog as the logical extension of this blog -- a more high-profile way of continuing to blog about the things I've been blogging about here for the past three years: pregnancy, parenting, and familly life.

I'll still be blogging here about the other kinds of things I always have (writing, life as a mom who happens to be an author, and pretty much everything else), but my more pregnancy/parenting-related posts will be shifting over to Yahoo.ca. I hope some of you will follow them there, while still hanging out for the coffee chit-chat around here.

As for what's happening over at Yahoo.ca, you will find that I'll still be my usual research junkie self.

Sure, I've got opinions (no shortage of them to be found, as you'll see), but I like to hang my opinions on facts and research.

I'm also trying to write about subjects that matter to me and that I hope will matter to my audience (a mix of pregnancy, parenting, family and a smattering of social justice).

I want my column to tackle a range of topics and to be relevant to parents in different parts of the country dealing with different parenting challenges and facing different life circumstances. I want the column to be something that people would like to read, but not something that's been so dumbed down that it no longer has anything to say.

Want to test-drive the new blog?

So far, I've blogged on these topics:

  • The Truth About the Baby Bomb

  • All School and No Play? The Call for a Recess Revival

  • Shedding Some Light on the Issue of Sleep

  • Tuning into the Debate About Babies and TV

  • I've also licensed a large number of pregnancy and parenting articles to Yahoo! -- including many that have never been available on the Web before. Here's a link to what's available in my Yahoo! pregnancy and parenting archive so far.

    Finally: I hope to help other parents feel less guilty about what they see as their shortcomings and to stop putting their faith in every "parenting expert" but themselves.

    As always, I welcome input, ideas, feedback, suggestions, and thoughts on how I can best support Canadian parents through my involvement with Yahoo.ca. I realize that I am very fortunate to have this opportunity and I want to make the best possible use of this opportunity for the benefit of all Canadian families.

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