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BlogHersAct: A Perfect Fit for BlogHer

Thursday, June 07, 2007
BlogHer has announced an exciting new activism initiative that has the potential to rally tens of thousands of women bloggers in powerful, positive ways -- BlogHersAct.

It's a natural for an organization that has brought women bloggers together online. This is the logical next step: asking women bloggers to work collectively to raise awareness of important issues and causes as the need arises (and there's always a need).

I predict that the initiative will have an important spinoff effect: helping women to raise their voices (political and otherwise) in the off-line world so that we have a more gender-balanced dialogue about what it will take to fix the very real problems in today's world and the world our children will inherit.

Yeah, BlogHer! And welcome, BlogHersAct!

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| posted by Ann D @ 2:36 PM