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End of June Grab Bag

Friday, June 29, 2007

It's not often that you get the chance to attend a 200th birthday party, but that's what Wiley -- my pregnancy and parenting book publisher -- hosted for itself at the Liberty Grand at Exhibition Place. Yes, the company is older than Canada and -- apparently -- before the Wiley family got involved in the book trade, they were distillers. Obviously, they felt that the real money was to be made in books, not booze.

Anyway, my table was made up of a mix of Wiley authors and editors and their various spouses/partners: Leah Fairbairn (editor); Robert Hickey (editor); Ian Blumer, MD, and Heather McDonald-Blumer, MD, authors of Understanding Prescription Drugs for Canadians for Dummies; Alyson Shafer, author of Breaking the Good Mom Myth. Here's a photo of Alyson and I exchanging copies of our books.

Parenting Author Book Swap


That's the topic du jour over @ Yahoo! Parenting: Are We Having Fun Yet? What I'm getting at here is whether we sometimes get too busy to have fun as parents or whether we take parenting too seriously. Have you found yourself falling into this trap from time to time? (I know I have.) If you want to join in the discussion, please hop on over to Yahoo! and have your say.

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