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Going With the Flow

Friday, June 22, 2007

We finally got around to celebrating Father's Day at our place yesterday. It's not that we're that behind schedule. It's just that scheduling is always a challenge at Chateau Douglas, and yesterday was the first day when everyone was available at the same time, including the focus of Father's Day himself. In the end, only three of us ended up heading out for dinner -- as opposed to our "pile six people in the car" celebrations of times past.

Our family is changing. Increasingly, I feel like I'm raising one kid -- the nine-year-old -- and that I'm "the landlady" to three teenagers. (The dynamics are totally different.) And then one of the teenagers will do something that requires, ahem, more active parenting and I'm back in the mom trenches with him or her. It's an interesting time but also a slightly confusing time for the teens and for me as we do this new kind of mother dance, trying to figure out how to relate to one another on different terms. I'm really enjoying this stage of parenting, in part because it's so different from anything that came before. There's a new confidence on their part and mine and a readiness to embrace this new stage in our relationship rather than subtley (or not-so-subtley) resisting the change. We're letting the tide carry us forward together.

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