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Of Mice and Moms

Wednesday, June 20, 2007
Well, isn't that special, as the Saturday Night Night Church Lady would say. For some reason, The Mother of All Blogs stopped recognizing me. I'm talking about total blog amnesia here. The Blog wouldn't even offer up the log-in screen so that I could prove my identity. I kind of felt like I was in one of those frustrating customer service snafus where no one will listen to you and you keep getting passed from one person to the other -- but, in this case, there weren't even live people to help me out. The only way I could fix the problem in the end was to create another blog (The imposter blog) using the same password and log-in. The imposter blog then found the real blog and they had a happy reunion via the dashboard. (Paradise by the dashboard light?) Whatever. I was just happy to have the keys to the blogging kingdom -- or the dashboard -- again.

Very strange how these little blogging glitches arise out of nowhere after everything has been just chugging along. It's not unlike family life, now that I think of it. Just as you dare to allow yourself to think, "Wow, things are going so well," you know you've jinxed things. Or so it seems to me in my more paranoid moments of parenting.

On some unrelated topics....

>> PARENTING IN THE HOME OFFICE -- JUGGING A FAMILY AND A BUSINESS : If you've got thoughts to share about the joys and challenges of juggling a family and a home-based business, it would be great if you could help liven up the discussion over at Yahoo! Parenting. (This is crunch time for every parent I know, so it doesn't surprise me that the discussion forum is a little dead, but it's a bit lonely over there this week. If I have to, I'll resort to talking to myself -- I've done it over PA systems at book-signings! -- but it's a lot more fun to have someone other than myself to talk to.)

>> WRITING RETREATS : I'm on a writing retreat up at the cottage while my youngest is on a school trip. I thought I was alone up here, but I've had two uninvited guests. The first decided to [click through if you can handle it] die a very dramatic death on top of the stove. (Okay, he was half dead when I chucked him into the woods.) The second decided to freak me out by running around the cottage at 2 am last night. I barricaded myself in the bedroom with a towel blocking the gap at the bottom of the door. Did you know that mice can make their rib cages collapse so that they can squeeze themselves through unbelievable small cracks? I wasn't taking any chances. Mice drama aside, I have been having a great time writing, taking photos, and enjoying a timeout from the regular routine.

Angel Amidst the Trees ~ On Retreat ~ The Road Less Travelled ~ Stop and Smell the Daisies

>> CHEERLEADER MODE : I am really thrilled to be on the Andi and Miriam cheerleading team, encouraging them to meet their daily word quotas as they sprint towards greatness and finish writing The Daring Book for Girls. The book is going to be terrific and offer a refreshing break from the "be hot and sex for your boyfriend" drivel that is increasingly being aimed at preteen girls. (Of course, I would be remiss if I didn't mention that Maple Tree Press, who published the book my daughter Julie and I wrote together, has always been ahead of the pack in producing quality, self-esteem boosting books for girls, and they won't be producing any books that Paris Hilton or any other underwear-challenged celeb would approve of anytime soon.) Anyway, Andi and Miriam are both really good friends and unwaveringly supportive of their fellow authors, which makes them all-stars in my eyes. I couldn't be happier for them as this soon-to-be bestseller begins to attract much attention from all the big U.S. media outlets. They so deserve it.

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