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BlogHers Act Canada

Tuesday, July 10, 2007
Jen over at MUBAR does a great job of explaining the chain of events that led to the creation of BlogHers Act Canada -- the Canadian counterpart to BlogHers Act in the U.S.

To multi-tasking mamas, focus is a novel concept -- we want to fix everything for everyone all at once -- but that just puts us on the fast-track to burnout. A smarter strategy (says she who excels at taking on too much and then freaking out as the symptoms of burnout begin to set in) is to pick one thing that is likely to make a major impact and to do that really well. That's why the bloggers behind BlogHers Act Canada are asking for help in identifying a first focus.

I looked at the list of things that need fixing now in order to make life tolerable for large numbers of Canadian women and children. Then I started thinking, "What has the most potential to make the most difference?" Given the many hours I have invested in the political campaign of a woman I really believe in -- someone who will work hard on behalf of women and children -- I feel that the political route is the best route to go. That's not to say that party politics aren't infuriating, frustrating, crazymaking (repeat, repeat, repeat) -- but, until enough women infiltrate the system and make political parties more women-friendly (or even mother-friendly), this is the only system we have.

The system needs fixing. Badly, so that mothers' voices are heard. But that's just my opinion. Now I'm off to read what others have said. Thanks for listening.


New Federal Policies Affecting Women’s Equality: Reality Check Available at Canadian Research Institute for the Advancement of Women

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