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Tuesday, July 17, 2007
On my mind today -- from the serious to the silly to the slightly bummed to the sublime.

  • media concentration in Canada -- and why you should care

  • the newest mommy label -- slummy mummy

  • car break-ins (both ours got hit last night: my husband lost an iPod; I lost about $20 worth of coins) -- and we're obviously in good company given that 1100 cars were broken into in Peterborough last year (a 68.7% increase over the previous year -- see pg. 18)

  • when and why wearing a hat to school or to school functions became such a bad thing. If it's due to gang concerns, as some of these school policy documents indicate, can't distinctions be made between gang-related hat activity and wearing a baseball cap or another ordinary hat? What do schools do when kids wear other clothes with gang colours/markings to school?
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