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Motherhood as Creative Inspiration

Monday, July 16, 2007
I came across this remarkable article about the life, death, and career of Adrienne Shelly by The Observer's Gaby Wood entirely by chance. Once I started reading the piece, I was completely mesmerized, both by the dramatic and tragic circumstances surrounding Shelly's death and by how committed she was to her final film project -- and why.

Here's a brief snippet from Wood's article:

"Shelly wrote Waitress when she was pregnant with her daughter, Sophie, who was a toddler by the time it was shot....[Producer Michael] Roiff recalls that when they were editing the film in its final stages, 'one of the things she was most excited about was the fact that she had done this as a woman and as a mother. She was an amazing mum, and I remember one day when we had watched a cut of the film, she turned around and said: "Look, you can do it. Society wants to tell you that you have to choose, but you don't have to choose." To a huge extent, that's what the film's about."

In this video, Adrienne Shelly discusses how her feelings about motherhood motivated her to write the script for Waitress.

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