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I, Robot

Wednesday, August 01, 2007
For some reason, Blogger's robots have decided that my blog is being written by a spambot as opposed to a human. I had to pass a test to prove I was human in order to upload my previous post -- this after more than three uninterrupted years of blogging. Odd. Anyway, I think I passed the test.

In my family, we were raised to make lemonade (or lemon meringue pie) with lemons, so I decided to seize upon this bit of spam serendipity. I'm going to write to Blogger to find out how I can make contact with one of these highly talented spambots.

Stick with me and you'll see the logic.

I figure the spambot could function as a co-author for my next book project. Sure, I'd have to give the text a bit of a style polish (e.g., put a million things in brackets, since that's my stylistic calling card), but that's easy. The book would be ready to go to the publisher's in no time. Spambots are much speedier authors than human authors.

Naturally, I'd share editorial credit and royalties with my new writing partner, Spamela, so that her status amongst her fellow spambots would soar ever upward in the spambot world. (Surely, they must have their own splog index sites; their own online bookstores -- Spamazon.com; and spambot social networking sites -- Spacebook, I presume?

And as for me? I'd have more time to research random topics that become endlessly fascinating when assignments are due -- or overdue. In other words, life would be bliss.

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