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Toddlers and Discipline: Your Toddler's Strong Will is a Good Thing

Thursday, August 09, 2007
Here's one of those stuies that is designed to give hope to those of us moms whose patience has been tested time and time again by extra-challenging toddlers. (Ask me about the unplugging-of-the-cash-register-at-the-liquor-store incident, circa 1991.)

Your toddler's active resistance (a.k.a. will of steel) is a good thing --
or at least it will be in the long run.

While you may worry that your child's stubborn, dig-in-his-heels defiance doesn't bode well for his future success or the quality of your parent-child relationship over the long-term, researchers in human development at the University of Texas have reached the opposite conclusion. Their research has shown that high levels of defiance in toddlers predicts favorable developmental outcomes and is simply an indication of a young child's growing confidence in his ability to exercise control over events in his world.

The Grey-Bruce Public Health Unit: Toddler Discipline
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