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Mr. Dressup's Treehouse

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Mr. Dressup's Treehouse
Originally uploaded by Ann Douglas.

I have been to the CBC Toronto building plenty of times, but I never noticed Mr. Dressup's Treehouse until my most recent visit a week or two ago. The Treehouse can be found behind the green elevators in the main lobby, just in case you want to check it out yourself. While you're there, be sure to go in the museum across the hall to check out all the Mr. Dressup memorabilia -- and to jot your Mr. Dressup memories in the guestbook provided. (I'm assuming there are a lot of Mr. Dressup groupies like me out there, because anytime I mention my lifelong Mr. Dressup fandom, tons of people tell me they feel the same way.)

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