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Today, on the Distraction Channel...

Friday, September 14, 2007
....we're obsessing over paper craft freebie downloads. I have been researching color printers for very worthwhile productive purposes (plus fun, frivolous purposes) and I came across this really fun section of the Canon printer website. This miniature town looks like it would be particularly fun to make. Mind you, I'd be inclined to encourage kids to trace the basic patterns and design their own buildings. That would be even cooler than going with some preconceived idea of what a miniature town should look like. I'd also be inclined to encourage them to try making these miniature houses and buildings out of random materials that we already have -- so you'd end up with buildings made out of anything that was in the recycling box this week, fun chunks of text chopped from this week's flyers, etc. It could be a very fun and very distracting project.

P.S. While I love my Canon camera, I am not in any sort of relationship -- romantic, fiduciary, or otherwise -- with the lovely people at Canon.


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