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Wednesday, January 16, 2008
The online world does a great job of keeping tabs on you. Have you noticed? When I resurfaced today, Flickr told me I'd been AWOL since October 21. Facebook announced I'd been absent since November 24. And Blogger said I'd been incommunicado since November 7.

Don't even get me started about email - my long-term nemesis.

The thing you need to know about unplugging from the online world in a serious way is this: you may not be in any major rush to plug back in. And you'll find you're more selective about what you plug back into.

So why did I unplug in the first place?

Two reasons.

1. I thought I could use a break from being plugged into the online world pretty much non-stop since 1995. (I did. And it felt great.)

2. I needed to clear my head of all but the essentials for a while. We've had a few curve balls to deal with on the family front recently -- a major health crisis involving an elderly relative; and issues involving two of our kids (one of my older kids has been been going through a hard time and my ten year old was diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome in November). I needed time to regain my parenting equilibrium and to sprout new parenting buds in the wake of these latest parenting challenges.

The past few months have been a period of quiet reflection. Friends can tell you I have been very quiet. Silent at times. In fact, I owe some of my nearest and dearest friends a note to say I'm still alive. [ i'm still alive! ]

I have been doing some fun new things -- and more of the types of things that I have always enjoyed -- while my brain has been busy processing all this newness. It's been a stage of much transition and personal growth. Just as there are times to talk and times to listen, there are times for writing and times for quiet reflection. These have been those kind of times.



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