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Sisterfest and Semi-Formals

Monday, January 21, 2008

This past weekend was Sisterfest, my annual * get together with my three sisters. We decided to meet up in Cobourg, since its fairly central for all of us. We stayed in a lovely B & B that the sister with the luxury tastes had scouted out for us. Fortunately, she's on a budget this year, so the accommodations, while luxurious, were also extremely budget friendly. We indulged in some on-site spa treatments. I have very hands and feet today, thanks to an esthetician named Nay. I warned her that her lovely manicure will be destroyed within a matter of days, as a result of the abuse my fingers are subjected to on any given day. I think she had a sense of what she was dealing with when she had a hard time finding fingernails to manicure. Typing can be hell on the hands.

We walked downtown to enjoy dinner out at a local wine bar and grill that was recommended by our hosts. We passed the local high school and a cluster of teenagers, dolled up for semi-formal night. You would have thought it was a spring formal: no one wanted to ruin their outfits by wearing a coat.

On our way home, we spotted smashed beer bottles and a guy trash-talking his girlfriend in a phone booth: the stuff that reminds you that no one could pay you enough to go back to being a teenager again.


* We missed last year -- the first time we'd missed a year since we started this very important celebration of sisterhood about seven or eight years ago -- so we were more determined than ever to make Sisterfest happen this year.

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