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Mom University: Katie Allison Granju, Attachment Parenting

Friday, March 18, 2005
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For the third Mom University interview, I'm pleased to welcome Katie Allison Granju, author of Attachment Parenting and an investigative journalist who specializes in family and parenting issues.

I asked Katie to pick one of her favorite piece of writing so that we could talk about it and she referred me to Getting Wise to Babywise.

Here's what Katie and I talked about during our interview:
Ann: Salon first published your article back in 1998. At that time, it created a firestorm of e-mails from people who both supported and slammed what you had to say.

Katie: I can't believe it's been [that long] since this was published. I still get lots and lots of e-mail about it. [The article] is still pretty accurate because the BabyWise folks haven't changed much of what they are doing.

Ann: Why is this article so meaningful for you as a writer and a mother?

Katie: This was the biggest investigative reporting piece I had ever written up to this point, and I realized in the middle of it that this was something I truly loved to do -- digging up dirt on stuff related to family life. It felt really good to combine my passions for writing, reporting and mothering to turn out something that I really thought could make an important difference in the lives of mothers and children. My youngest son, Elliot, was an infant when I was writing this, so he nursed in my lap most of the time I was on the phone or computer working on the story.

Katie has written a number of other noteworthy -- and much talked about -- articles about parenting. She links to many of them from her blog. Here, for example, is a thought-provoking article Katie wrote about the defining characteristics of Gen-X Parents that's definitely worth a read. Katie also does a great job of capturing the slice-of-life moments that are so much a part of being a mother. Check out her essay Closet Diva at PhillyMama.com.

If you enjoyed this "Mom University" interview, you may also want to check out my Mom University interviews with Andi Buchanan of LiteraryMama.com and Kim Lane of AustinMama.com. Stay tuned for more interviews during the weeks ahead.

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