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Mom University: Kim Lane of AustinMama.com

Friday, March 11, 2005
austin mama

As regular readers of this blog know, I teach both online and off-line courses under my "Mom University" brand.

I decided I'd bring Mom University over to my blog by featuring some mini-interviews with women who write about motherhood.

The first writer is Kim Lane, editor of AustinMama.com. Anyone who has ever read AustinMama.com knows that it's one of the best publications for mothers, and that you don't have to be from Texas to love it. I know Kim has at least one huge fan amongst the readers of this blog because a few days ago Shelagh wrote to me to suggest that I add AustinMama.com to my links -- something I should have done months ago.

Anyway, I asked Kim to pick out a piece of her work that is available online and to do a quick-and-dirty Q & A with me for "the blog." She picked out Foreskin and Several Years from Now.

Here's our Q & A:

Ann: Tell me when you wrote this piece.

Kim: In 1999.

Ann: What's the story behind the story?

Kim: I was either going to write it or divorce my husband. And once I told the story to my writers' group and saw their horrified reactions, I knew I had to write it.

Ann: Why did you choose this particular piece of your work?

Kim: Oh... you'll just have to read it.

Ann: Anything else that you want to say?

Kim: Thanks for the opportunity!

You can find out more about Kim by checking out Who's Your Mama? over at AustinMama.com.

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